Make Sure Your Trick or Treaters Are Safe!
By Captain Matt Tomlins
October 26, 2019

With Halloween less than 7 days away, it is important to catch up on safety tips for you and any trick-or-treaters!

When choosing a costume, please avoid any that may have a long and trailing fabric. It can be very easy for not only your child from tripping over their own costume, but also anyone who may be walking near them. If the costume includes a mask, make sure that the eye holes are large enough so that the child can clearly see out of it.

Bring along enough flashlights for yourself and everyone in your group. It gets very dark very quickly and you want to have a flashlight to see where you are going to avoid any unwanted falls!

Please tell any and all children to stay away from any open flame that can be found in jack-o-lanterns or house decorations. For those who decorate the outside of their homes, try to replace the traditional open flame candles with battery operated candles. This will reduce the chance of a fire as well accidental injury. Keep all combustible decorations far away from any portable heaters, lamps, or open flames.

For more tips, please look below to the Halloween Safety Tip Sheet!

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