Happy Holidays from Lower Somerset EMS.
By Captain Matt Tomlins
December 4, 2021

This year we wanted to do something different when decorating Station 8 for the Holidays. We felt that we should honor and recognize our members that are no longer with us. Because of this we placed a wreath to represent each one of the 23 members that have passed.

It’s with great honor that we recognize the following members this Holiday season:

James Gundling
Bill Martin
James Lankford
Linda Tyler
Sam Marsh
James Tucker Sterling
Dennis Piskor Sr.
Dennis Copper
Logan Widdowson
Margaret Lee Tawes
Wade Ward
Eugene “Squeaky” Mills
Steve Sterling
Steve Brown
Ken Byrd
Steve Marshall
Marvin Greene
Walter “BeBop” Ward
Jennifer Young
Dee Dee Todd
Jack Byrd Sr.
Jack Merklein
Allison Milbourne

Lower Somerset would also like to extend to each and everyone a very safe and happy Holiday season.