Lower Somerset EMS Celebrates its 2021 Christmas Party and Award Ceremony.
By Captain Matt Tomlins
December 22, 2021

Lower Somerset EMS held its annual Christmas party and awards ceremony on the evening of December 21st. The department takes this time to recognize members for a number of things from going above and beyond in the line of duty to top responders. We started the night with taking a group photo, then had a nice dinner and followed up by our awards ceremony. Thank you Tim Collins of TCI Inspirations Photography for the photographs.

This year the following members received the following awards:

Top Responders - EMT

1 - Matt Tomlins 403 calls
2 - Jordon McCready 255 calls
3 - Karis White 234 calls
4 - Virginia Hunt 164 calls
5 - George Nelson 120 calls

Top Responders - Driver

1 - Laura Bones 350 calls
2 - Dennis Piskor 163 calls
3 - Jimmy Harris 155 calls
4 - Robert Hunt 129 calls
5 - Doug Curtis Jr 122 calls

10 Years of Service:

Stephanie Sterling
Robert Hunt
Jay Walston

5 Years of Service

Matt Tomlins
Renee Drewer
Franny Carson
Melissa Evans

Outstanding Service Award

Matt Tomlins
Jimmy Harris
Karis White
Laura Bones
Dennis Piskor

1000 Ambulance Call Club

Jordon McCready
Karis White
Bill Reynolds

500 Ambulance Run Club

Matt Tomlins
Ray Joyner
Jimmy Harris

Perfect Meeting Attendance

Matt Tomlins
Jordon McCready
Robert Hunt